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Introducing The Cork Range!


Not only is cork a gorgeous material, but it’s also incredibly light, versatile, and occurs naturally. In fact, thanks to its unique harvesting process, cork is one of the most sustainable materials that is used in the shoe-making process. (see more about cork here)



Cork Is Special


Cork is a wonderful product for creating shoes and that is why we love our cork shoe range. The rich colours of the bark and the stunning lines and features that emanate from it help to create a sophisticated, comfortable, and durable shoe perfect for any style.


Handmade Cork Shoes from Portugal


Our cork shoes are handcrafted in Portugal using only the finest quality materials. We have cork dress shoes, trainers, sneakers and, belts available and each promises to leave you looking amazing. Why not check out our suave and beautiful cork collection below.


Introducing Sturgeon Leather Mascoloris'


Did you know you can make leather from fish skins?  The skins of the beautiful Sturgeon Fish can be used to make leather which is both durable and extremely sophisticated. This incredible material is made even more unique thanks to the special bone structure you can see dotted on the surface. Each Sturgeon has a bone structure that is as unique as a human fingerprint. Now that is a truly special Mascolori!


Meet the Sturgeon


The Sturgeon is a distinctive and beautiful fish that can be found in the lakes and shorelines of North America and Eurasia. They often grow to around 7m in length and can weigh upwards of 400 kg. While they may look a little bit like sharks, these harmless creatures are most famous for being the source of one of the world’s poshest foods, Beluga Caviar.


Why Buy The Sturgeon?


Firstly, sturgeon leather helps reduce waste. the fish skins are usually thrown out after the caviar is extracted, this way the skin is given a new life. Secondly, these shoes are the perfect mixture of sophistication, comfort, and durability. These shoes are the perfect Mascoloris, get yours while they are still in stock!

  1. Cork Ocean
    Cork Ocean
    € 219,00
  1. Corkaholic Sneaker
    Corkaholic Sneaker
    € 199,00
  1. Cork Tattoo
    Cork Tattoo
    € 229,00